Retroist To Dear Diary: What A Hunk!

Over on Retroist, we love our innovative toys – the more they paved the way to our current technology, the better they were.  And if they were awesome shades of pink, purple, turquoise, and black, even better!

Expanding upon my previous article about Casio’s My Magic Diary (and its sister product, the Secret Sender 6000), I dig into a more expansive world of pre-PDA/Cell Phone devices aimed at the preteen set in the mid-1990s.

Screenshot (1245)

It is a world of little plastic electronic diaries, but with more features with each passing year, and hokey dialogue that apparently 90s kids said all the time.

Have a look, will you?

Dear Diary: Expanding on My Magic Diary in Mind-Blowing Ways!

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