#TotallyTrueFactsTuesday – July 24, 2018

The material finds me, friends.

I get plenty of telemarketing calls, at least three per day.  I block numbers, erase the voicemails that manage to come through, and ignore all the other calls.

Text spam isn’t a new or novel concept – I’ve gotten plenty of those too, claiming to be (bank who shall remain anonymous) threatening to suspend my bank account unless I texted them my login credentials. I’ve never banked with them, and that link looks a little suspicious.  I think I’ll block you, weird spammer.

Right around the time I was ready to take my break on Monday, I got this text message:


Who is Vincent?

Anyway, I could see this was going to get aggravating super fast.  I’m used to spam as part of my blog.  However, this felt different, and I really wanted to have fun with this, while maintaining my super classiness that you’ve no doubt seen in my writing.

So, I was polite…and honst.  I could have seriously been all “yes, I’m Vincent,” but I figured I knew what was coming next.  So I ran with it.  But not before letting them know I’m not who they think I am.


“Caroline” decided it was a good time to get me to support the cause, so she tried it on me.  Note: I stayed anonymous.  I did not want whoever this was to know my name.  And thankfully, they didn’t ask.


And this is where I gave my mature response.  I could have said something else, but again, keeping it classy.


I was going to say “I’m a Republican” just to see their reaction, but again, keeping it classy!

Oh, and did you notice “Caroline” said “our mistake.”  Who else are you speaking for?  I watched Stargate SG-1 for six years, and if someone is saying “we” and “our” and only referring to themselves, then SG-1 had a problem.

Methinks “Caroline” is a Goa’uld, or she’s just speaking on behalf of a whole organization that apparently got my cell phone number somewhere and thinks my name is Vincent.  And since I’m registrered as a Republican (and have been since 2000), are they targeting registered Republicans only?  If so, “Vincent” and I have something in common.  If he exists.

I’ve probably frustrated this individual with my bipartisan response, and they realized “my bad.”


Always be closing…with a mature response.

And nothing else.

I find it interesting that we’re now getting political pleas like this.  I don’t allow anyone to influence me, so a text message is certainly not going to persuade me to vote for anyone.  I checked out the website of this politician (which immediately asked for money, no surprise – that’s what politicians on both sides do), but I’ve never heard of him and, it turns out, I’m not in District 3.  I’ve never lived within that district, even where I grew up.

So…yeah, that.  Nice research, “Caroline” and your volunteer organization.

See, pays to stay informed.

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