#ThrowbackThursday Is So Cool…When It’s So Hot

My fiancee was excited about this Throwback Thursday, so this one is for him!

You know a commercial is effective when you can’t get the dialogue, slogan, or jingle, even if it is for thirty years.  Much like today’s commercial.

When I was copying my fiancee’s cartoon VHS to my computer last year, I took my laptop to his house one weekend (I wasn’t living here yet), and was going through the tape’s contents.  He overheard me watching the commercials, and it was today’s selection that caught his attention so many years ago.

He was quoting it while I was watching the commercial the other night.

So anyway….

This week’s commercial digs back into my archives of 1987, where we’re tackling juice drinks as the theme.  And not just any juice drinks, but FUN juice drinks.

Today’s juice is hardly child’s play, but we’ve got a bunch of 80s kids assembled for this one!

You’ve got spokeskids…


And you’ve got eight different Goya nectars…


So what do you do with them?

Click play and find out!

Did you say “freeze them!”

Did you taste the taste we got?


Because they’re super cool…


…when it’s super hot!

(And my fiancee was like, “it’s an ice pop, don’t make it sound sexual!”)

Do you appreciate Goya Nectars!


Oh boy-a, you do!

You can’t beat ’em, but you sure can lick ’em!


All of this will be stuck in your head!

I love this.  It has all the flavor of a local advertisement, but for a nationally-sold product.  The company still exists today, and you’re very likely to find their various products gracing store shelves.  In my local food store, Goya’s products are in the ethnic food section.  I’m happy to announce that nectars are still very much a part of their products!

In fact, there’s more than just eight varieties!


Now, about enjoying the product on a stick…

Did you ever own one of those plastic ice pop molds?  You know, the one that you pour the juice into, pop in the plastic base that has the stick and the straw (so you could drink the juice?), and freeze?  I did!  And oh wow, was that a great idea!

Thanks alot, Goya, now I want those ice pop molds again!


Oh boy-a, we’re effective advertising!

And there you have it, nectar, ice pops, and earworms!


Come back tomorrow for another drink that doesn’t promise a catchy earworm, but does potentially offer up a cool prize!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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