#FlashbackFriday, Less Talk

From all news, all the time to soft rock and less talk, we’re talking radio stations for your Flashback Friday!

Yesterday, I told you the story of my internship experience, and showed you a commercial from 1986 about one of the country’s earliest and still going all news format station in Philadelphia.  Today, we’re switching gears and crossing the dial from AM to FM radio.

People are happy…


Because they love their radio station…


And when you click play, you’ll know why!

WNSR was established in 1953 as WWRL-FM, switching its call letters to WNSR and format on April 17, 1986.  The soft rock format, lasted until 1990, switching to a Mix station in 1990 until 1996 (switching to call letters WMXV in April 1992).  The station stayed under these call letters until 1992.  The call letters WNSR were set to return in 1997, but those plans were cancelled.

Today, 105.1 in New York City lives as WWPR-FM (Power 105.1), and specializes in Urban Contemporary/Urban Adult Contemporary.  This has been the norm since 2002.

As for the call letters WNSR, they belong to a Nashville, Tennesee-area AM sports station, mixing local and national sports programming, and is part of the Atlanta Braves Radio Network, but also broadcasts Vanderbilt’s Women’s Basketball games.

So the format may be no longer exist, and the call letters may belong to another network, but…105.1 is still going strong!


And there you have it, soft rock, less talk, great tasting, less filling, and a soundbyte of the Doobie Brothers.


It’s win win!

Have a great weekend, and oh, oh, listen to the music!

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  1. Another fantastic blog post!

    In the late 1990s and early 2000s, my local radio station, Wish 99.7, which is located in Pittsburgh, actually used the same jingle package that Mix 105 used in the past. WNSR sounded like a great radio station.

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