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The Problem with Passion…


I was writing this in my response to the September 13, 2017 Daily Post Writing Prompt (Penchant), but wanted to post this as a separate piece entirely.  I felt I could expand on this better in a separate post.

I was mostly worried about going off too much into a tangent.

The word prompt for the day, penchant, has a synonym in the word “Passion.”  To have a penchant for something, this thing is routine, habitual, and a tendency.

I find my biggest problem with my passion and penchant to write is that I often write what comes to mind (usually on a whim).  With that comes the possibility that I’ll write when angry.  Now, I’m sure there are people who will tell you that the best time to write something is when you’re feeling particularly passionate (read: annoyed, angry, upset, in an otherwise bad frame of mind).  That’s a terrible idea.

I wrote a blog post on Inauguration Day, and also some fairly heated (for me, at least) posts about politics and how I felt about reading people’s Facebook statuses.  I’ve vowed not to go down this road again, as it took me to a level I’m not otherwise comfortable with.

While my natural inclination is to just write it all down with a full head of steam, that is hardly a good idea.  What I will usually do is “write angry,” and then save the draft.  If I can return to it a little while later (a few hours, perhaps the next day) and use my professionalism and clear-headedness to construct something smart and level-headed, then it is worth publishing.  Yes, I would love nothing more than to publish something angry.  But it doesn’t resolve anything, and I always consider the feelings of someone who may read my posts.  I don’t want to alienate readers or embarrass myself by going completely out of character.

That said, I like to show that I have more range than just as a nostalgia writer. I’m particularly proud of myself for publishing things about politics or the general state of how people act on Facebook.

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