#TotallyTrueFactsTuesday – September 5, 2017

Today begins a new weekly feature on Allison’s Written Words, combing through the pages of National Lampoon’s Totally True Facts book!

Each week (for the foreseeable future), I’ll be taking an excerpt from this book:


This book was published in 1994, and as early as 1996, I was always looking at it in the bookstore.  I wound up finally giving in and buying it in 2001.  I don’t think my parents actually understood why I wanted it so much, but perhaps that was my eighteen-year-old self believing that my 34-year-old self would really need this at some point in life.  I actually rediscovered it while cleaning out my closet.  Damn me for not finding it sooner!

So each week, I’ll share something from this absurd (but true!) collection of funny stuff plucked from real life.

First up, this worry-causing question…


I know it’s only 6 am, and my grandfathers both died when I was a kid, but even I’m worried.

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