Chez #FlashbackFriday

That has such a nice ring, like it classes the whole thing up, doesn’t it? 😉

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday, we watched little kids headed to their favorite place McDonald’s) by “car.”  Today, we’re seeing a slightly (only slightly!) older group of kids and their quest to impress girls at…McDonald’s!

So, welcome to Chez McDonald’s…


Where two lovely potential suitors are ready to order what ever it is you want…


And now, click play to find out what these two lovely ladies want!

They’ll take the chef salad…


And as for the suitors?


They done well.


Satisfied customers…and possibly new girlfriends for the guys.

At McDonald’s!

Isn’t it nice to end the week on a high note?

And with that, we end Flashback Friday here.  Hopefully, your day will go as good as it did for these two lovely young men.


Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend! 🙂


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