“Hey, #ThrowbackThursday, Where You Goin’?”

Why, some place important!

Make no mistake, McDonald’s is a regular visitor to Throwback/Flashback.  But that’s only because they’ve been so prominently flashing themselves across our TV screens, promising “what you want, is what you get,” “food, folks, and fun,” and pushing every marketing ploy on us, just to get us buy a Big Mac.

It has worked for many years, folks.  It will never stop working.

In 1991, McDonald’s was on their “McDonald’s Today” campaign, and used the plot device of cute kids to promote its product.  Like it needed the heavy promotion it did, but hey, it is how it stayed competitive.

Today’s commercial, from 1991, is kinda short and sweet.  It involves a “kid driver” and a girl (his sister?)…

She wants to know where he’s going, and he informs her that he’s going to McDonald’s, to which she asks if she can go.


And when you click play, you can see the cuteness unfold from their interaction!

OMG, isn’t that adorable?!

I know the old saying goes that it is hard to work with kids and animals, but no one other than cute little kids could ever pull this off.


Can you picture two sixteen-year-olds spouting the same dialogue? No, no you can’t.

And on that – ADORABLE – note, that’s Throwback Thursday.  Since this week’s theme is McDonald’s commercials featuring kids, come back tomorrow for how the slightly older set enjoys McDonald’s.

Have a great Thursday!


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