#FlashbackFriday…To See The Music!

We made it to Friday!!!!

And…we are looking at a commercial for a company that still exists!

That’s TWO weeks in a row, people!!!!!!

So, let me ask you the important question….when you eat your fast food, do you like it with a side of music?

I hope you said yes, but even if you didn’t…


In the summer of 1991, Taco Bell had a whole series of those giant plastic cups (32 ounces) with various current music groups printed on them.  Groups like Bel Biv Devoe, Diana Ross, George Michael, Scorpions, and MC Hammer.  Collect all five!



We’ve also got white guys with mullets selling said cups (FREE REFILLS!), and when you click play, you too can SEE THE MUSIC!


Just trust me on this one, click play!

It’s all so…white.

(And I’m even whiter)..

I just looked it up, and apparently this is Rockapella.  From Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego. Why the heck didn’t I immediately recognize these guys – that show was my jam and it was the reason I watched PBS in the early 1990s.

And that further solidifies my whiteness, folks!

I’m just going to stop…and SEE THE MUSIC!

Hey, where are you going?!  I didn’t tell you to have a great Friday and weekend yet!

Have a great Friday, AND a great weekend!  Don’t forget to stop and see the…ok, ok, I’m done!


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