Profit From The #FlashbackFriday

And the experience.

Mostly, the experience of it being Friday!

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday, we watched a commercial for a company that is actually still around (albeit in subsidiary form) today.  You may not think much of that, but for someone who constantly feels like she’s the world’s biggest killjoy/stomper of hopes and dreams with these commercials, it is refreshing.

And today, we’re going to keep that right on going, as we move forward to 1991.

JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. (doing business as simply Chase Bank) has been established in its current subsidiary form since December 2000, but has a long, rich history dating back to – get ready for this – 1799.

OMG, this is the oldest established property advertised in a commercial featured on Throwback/Flashback!  Can you believe it?!

Anyway, this commercial (from the Chase Manhattan days of 1991) talks about how life doesn’t stop once the sun goes down…

And that if you need Chase, you can contact them anytime, day or night…


And that they’re flexible…


And that since they’ve been doing this for over 200 years, they’re not about leaving anyone…

…out in the dark.

They have experience in not doing that, so they can say that.

And when you click play, you too can profit from their experience!

As I said, Chase in its current form has been established since 2000, but prior to that, it had been around in various forms and mergers since 1799 (its original incarnation was around until 1955, and then Chase Manhattan from then until 2000).  So you know they’re obviously doing something right for their efforts.

I guess you can say they…


See what I did there?!

Can this be?  Are we finally ending the week on a high note?

Yes we are!

Let’s enjoy the moment, and I will wish you a happy weekend!!!  🙂

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