If You Can’t Beat #FlashbackFriday, Join’ Em!

I did!*

*Only because it was Friday.

Just when I thought I knew most of the toylines out there from my childhood, one always manages to pop up that I don’t recall.  It’s either because these toylines were short-lived, or just not something myself or my brother owned.

Behold, one of those toylines!

Skateboard Gang was a 1986 Mattel toyline featuring little rubber charaters attached to skateboards, and roll you could run your little skateboarding gangsters on.

I found this commercial on James’s cartoon tape from 1987, and it features a timid kid who is visiting some kind of dark, rundown structure…


Where he wants to join a gang.

And before you start to believe this is the beginning of a cheesy 80s PSA on being above joining a gang, this is the gang he wants to join:


That’s right, this vicious gang of little punks, and their threatening attack dog.

This gang is no ordinary gang, they deal in Skateboards.


And when I say skateboards, I mean little rubber people attached to little rubber skateboards.

The toy, you ask?  Skateboard Gang, and when you click play, you will witness the initiation of a child into a gang.

Look at this!  He’s hooked, he’s addicted!  He’s in the Skateboard Gang!


And you know what they say about gangs: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

He did.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much to go on with this toy.  I know Mattel made it, it was first produced in 1986, and it was still around in 1987 (hence this commercial), but that’s pretty much it.  It’s probably the one mid-1980s toy that didn’t have some type of tie-in cartoon.  Even the Puffalumps wild, exotic relatives had a cartoon (albeit a one-off direct-to-video one), and that was a short-lived toyline!

So we’ll assume this interesting little toy probably had a short life, which makes this a depressing end to a cool Flashback Friday tidbit of our childhood.  But, considering that I never heard of this until I went through the VHS tape this commercial was on, I consider myself lucky to have found it.  So…not depressing at all.

And there you have it, a forgotten toy re-discovered, a child who joins the safest gang of them all, and little rubber skateboarder toys for all.


What a way to end the week!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you! I’ve had a little chunk of this song stuck in my head for 30 years. I’ve looked for this commercial on YouTube so many times. They really do seem to have been almost completely forgotten. I am proud/ashamed to say that I managed to track down all of these guys on eBay over a couple of years and I’ve reunited the whole gang…in a drawer…in my closet.

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