#4thofJuly (And Summer in General) With The Peanuts Gang!

First of all…Happy 4th of July, friends!

I was on the hunt for something 4th of July-esque, something animated, and something nostalgic.

I found a few things, but I also found a Peanuts short I never knew existed.

In 2008, Charles Schulz’ estate, Studio B Productions, and iTunes presented a series of shorts based on Peanuts comics from 1964.  Each short runs less than 5 minutes, totaling 20 shorts compiled into 10 episodes.  All episodes have been released to DVD, and are on the Warner Bros You Tube Channel, Beyond the Lot.

One of the shorts, “Independence Day,” focuses on Snoopy getting hurt while watching clouds, Linus wondering how anyone could possibly huff and puff the way “The Big Bad Wolf” did, Linus feeling like a free man after getting out of school for the summer, Charlie Brown wanting to go camping (with practical Linus informing him of the dangers of being bitten by a Queen Snake!), Snoopy’s Quest for Water (Part 1), Charlie Brown setting up to camp in the yard, Snoopy’s Quest for Water (Part 2), and Linus and Lucy discussing 4th of July AND Independence Day…because this year, they fall on the same day!

I particularly love how Linus reacts to Charlie Brown’s explanation of what Independence Day is!

This was a really cute short, and while it doesn’t focus on Independence Day per se, it still mentions it and the significance of the day.

Plus, Snoopy’s quest for water is very Snoopy-esque.



You can find out Charlie Brown’s explanation of Independence Day, plus all the other little stories in this short, by clicking play.

Happy 4th of July/Independence Day, whatever you call it. Name aside, be sure to remember the significance of the holiday that goes beyond a day off of work, barbecuing, and deep department store discounts.

Have a great day!

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