You Had One Job, Spam Filter!

Apparently, my spam filter fell asleep at the filtered wheel.

And it left a HUGE NSFW in its unfiltered wake.

Working on the Admin side of my blog, and I spotted this beauty actually gallivanting as a legitimate comment on a recent post.

Good lord, it is so crazy and the fact that it slipped by makes it necessary for its own post. I did filter some of the words, just because I’m convinced a huge can of bizarre sex spam is going to start showing up.  It’s probably too late now, but I also did not want the actual words showing up.

The exam has not been what he expected and the man thought he was being r***d.
Ricardo Mayorga brings his unique make of insanity to Fayetteville, NC,
as well as the Crown Coliseum (PPV TV) on May 15. Lifelike pocket p***y There’s really no better tool than the usual pocket
v****a in the event you’re set on learning the way to
last longer during intercourse.
This will demonstrate how much each child has understood
and in addition which parts on the story they
found most interesting. They certainly are a reminder to flex
the muscles and release sort of like Kegel barbells they help your strength.
No filtering, fixing, or even formatting.  This is how it looked when it popped up in my notifications.  It starts off by tossing you headfirst into a terrible story, then a promotion for boxing, something sexual, and then stuff about teaching children.  There’s also something about muscles and Kegel barbells, but by the time I’ve gotten to that part, my brain may have exploded.
It leaves me to wonder…how do spambots come up with their spam?  Or is this the work of an actual human being?
Either way, I had to share this one.

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