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#ThrowbackThursday It!

And no, this isn’t about clowns named Pennywise.

We’ve made it to Thursday, and while I’m enjoying my vacation week, I felt it would be beneath me and my ability to crank out fun nostalgia if I didn’t schedule a few posts.  So, for today, there is this post, and there will also be Flashback Friday tomorrow!

So let’s go back to 1987 for a toy commercial!

Remember the good old days of the realistic toy gun, without the orange tip and company name emblazoned all over it?  You know, the kind that screams “I’m so realistic!”


Like these misguided attempts at toymaking right here.

Entertech.  Good work.

Anyway, there was another toy water gun out there, that shot disappearing ink, and earned dirty looks from the assailed.  That toy gun was Zap It…

…and Bobby is the reason you hate kids.

And when you click play, you can find out about all of Bobby’s victims…and how Zap It worked!

So go on, click play!

I love how no toy company took responsibility for making this (turns out this was also an Entertech toy).  That’s like having no production logos before a movie, just so no one can take credit for a crappy film.

Also, Bobby.



Good lord, Bobby, what kind of a whimpy voice is that?!

I just love that dad packs Zap It heat!

And how he dramatically reacted to getting shot by Zap It!


The 1980s, where toy guns were realistic kids were kill-worthy, and parents could take revenge on their kids with toy guns without fear of Child Protective Services.

Oh, and I have no clue how long this was on the market, but considering that no toy company acknowledged that this was their thing, I’m sure probably not long.

Oh well, we have the memories!

And there you have it.  Flashback Friday will be along tomorrow with another fun toy from our past.  This one doesn’t promise realisticness and disappearing ink, but it is still fun anyway.

Until then, enjoy your Thursday!


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