Turn, Turn, Turn

I was cycling through past prompts, and found this prompt from June 16, 2015.

Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

I always look forward to warmer weather, but not necessarily blistering hot weather.  That said, I always look forward to summer – eating ice cream without being cold afterward, swimming, and shorts weather.  I always know that if I’m hot, I can escape to air conditioning to cool off. or if air conditioning is too much, I can go outside and warm up.  I don’t mind taking my time going somewhere when it is warm.  I love the boardwalk, which is only enjoyable in favorable weather.

Conversely, I least like the cold.  I hate shaking and trying to get warm after being outside.  It feels like it takes FOREVER to get warm again.  And then there is the realization that no matter how heavy your coat is, how much defense you have against cold air, you’re going to freeze outside anyway.  Ever take a dog for a walk in cold weather?  Did you never notice that dogs don’t care if you’re cold, as long as they have to go to the bathroom, your personal comfort takes little priority when they have to poop.

Ugh, cold weather is so overrated.  I always love how people complain when it is too hot, and then say during the winter “why can’t it be warmer?!”  You wanted it, you got it!

But there is hope – after a chilly weekend rain, the weather is finally in a much-needed upswing.  I can live with this.

Bring it on, Mother Nature!

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