I’ve Got A Basketball…Now I’ve Got a #FlashbackFriday!

I’ve also got a “soccer ball” and “football”!

Wanna see?

Previously, on Throwback Thursday, we dove into the archives of 1987 (my newest of my lot), to explore the lab of the Mad Scientist.

And because boys’ toys are typecast as only being enjoyed by, well, boys…their sisters were totally grossed out.



Today, we shift to another toy that was advertised to boys, but usually had a gender-neutral, if not almost female persuasion to them.  Considering that it was me that owned several of these (well, not these specific ones), and my brother did not, then I’d like to think anyone could have owned this toy.

I’m referring to the Popples…sports ball-ified!

Is that even a word…or a thing?

Click play below, and find out!!!!

Sports balls that are plushy Popples toys? Plushy Popples toys that are sports balls? Chocolate mixed with peanut butter?  Peanut butter mixed with chocolate?  Dogs and cats LIVING TOGETHER?!

*Popple thrown at me*

Oh thank goodness, I needed that!

So anyway, these Popples were plushy sports balls, and came in Basketball, Football, and Soccer varieties.  Each Popple wore the respective uniforms of their sport, and while we could probably throw them around with all the grace and ease of tossing a plush toy back and forth, I don’t think these were viable as legit sports equipment.  They even had names:

Big Kick (Soccer)


Dunker (Basketball)


and Touchdown (Football)


This commercial doesn’t feature them, but there was also a baseball named PC Pitcher, and a tennis ball named Net Set.  There was also an 8-ball member of the Popples named Cuester, but no toy was ever made of him.

I wonder if kids would have been trying to shake him up for information…

Haha, see what I DID THERE?!

The Popples toy line was produced between 1986 and 1988, and these Popples were advertised in 1987.  The Popples were rebooted as toys in 2007, and there is even a 2015 toy line to coincide with a Netflix-produced series.  So the Popples are alive and well…except for Big Kick, Dunker, Touchdown, and their aforementioned unseen in this commercial friends PC Pitcher and Net Set.

And Cuester, who really was never seen as a toy.  Because he never was one!

*Another Popple thrown*

Gee, thanks.  That was getting dramatic!

Here’s a giphy of some Popples…popping.


Because it is Friday, and this is warranted.

And there you have it, a gloriously awesome use for the common Popple toy.  If I had to choose, I’d want the football one.  Which one would you want?

Comment if you so choose, and have a great weekend!

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