The Epic Battle of…#ThrowbackThursday

Dated commercials, friends.  Catch the excitement!

I was recently delighted to be given a videocassette of old cartoons so I could transfer the contents to my computer.  And since this tape also includes commercials, I’ve now added two things I don’t have much of in my current collection: kid friendly commercials and commercials from 1987.

I’m basking in glory, follks.

Total glory.

And even moreso because of today’s post, which is exciting for me, and should elicit a few shouts of excitement.

Today’s commercial comes to us from 1987, and is about a great battle.  The battle is for the Statue of Liberty, a futuristic fight to the finish for claiming the statue, and the method of which this fight is occurring.  It is not just fighting, it is big hair, spandex, and choreographed fight dancing, with backflips and a 1980s post-apocolyptic world.

It also screams “Cold War!”

Did kids really understand all of this?

No, probably not, but the certainly understood what was being advertised.

And when you click play, you’ll understand AND be blown away!

And there is this awesome offer…



Admit it, you want one of these right now.

So wow, that’s the first of many new commercials I have uncovered thanks to my boyfriend recently handing me a videocassette and asking me to transfer the contents to my computer.

I’m sure the overexcited look on my face bordered on a rabid look.  But when you love the archives this much, it is more of an passionate look than anything.

It is what I tell myself to justify why I spend so much time working on all of this.

Have a great day!



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