#FlashbackFriday Stars In This Movie!

And Christopher Walken is in one of these trailers!

Previously, on Throwback Thursday, we went back to 1986, watched a few commercials, a few movie trailers, laughed a little, enjoyed a beer commercial or two, and felt good about outselves.

Today, we’re moving forward to 1999 and away from the warm and fuzzies of the movie trailers of 1986. These are the opposite, and I’ve only heard of one of these movies.

But Christopher Walken is, in fact, involved here!


And so is James Woods….


And Ray Liotta, Anthony LaPaglia, and Anjelica Huston…

Tim Daly even stops by!  We love him on television, so why wouldn’t we love him in a movie?

Did I mention it was a Stephen King miniseries?


All of these trailers are contained within what I’m lead to believe is the 1999 Trimark Home Video print of Tom Clancy’s Netforce, which aired on ABC on February 1, 1999 (ironically, just two weeks before Storm of the Century, that aforementioned Stephen King miniseries Tim Daly starred in).  I happened to like both movies, however cheesy they both were.

Besides, Scott Bakula and Tim Daly having face time on the same VHS must mean worlds colliding or something.  It is pretty hot.  😀

The video quality was a little iffy – it looked like it froze momentarily during the transfer, but otherwise is fine.  If you go ahead and click play, perhaps you’ll remember some of these movies.  Because other than Storm of the Century, I had no clue these other movies existed.

And be sure to visit Trimark on the World Wide Web…




Well then.

There you have it folks, some movie trailers by a film company that no longer exists.  I guess when you put out movies people haven’t exactly heard of, then this is bound to happen.

I just found out that they’ve been defunct since 2000, and Lion’s Gate succeeded them.

Oh well.

On that depressing note, have a great Friday!

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