Nobody Does It Like #FlashbackFriday about that Throwback Thurday yesterday.  You know, the one that didn’t happen?

I was so annoyed about yesterday’s little video snafu.  Moral of the story, folks – if you bump into your USB Passport drive, and your video maker warns you that the device was disconnected, be sure to go back and check the video and make sure it works.  Saves you alot of time and annoyance.

I made up for this lack of Throwback by bringing you something that my readers/viewers seem to love.  Back by Increased Viewership, I bring you a commercial block!

Today’s Flashback goes to January 9, 1999 (I checked the label on the VHS).  In 1998-1999, Saturday Night Live cranked out quite a few primetime specials. Some, like The Bad Boys of Saturday Night Live and Saturday Night Live Goes Commercial, Volume 2, were rating winners, while others, like The Best of TV Parodies, were not.  The commercials contained within are from that special, and while the special was a bit lackluster in comparison to some of the others that season, the commercials are the opposite.  I think this also may have been the catalyst for cutting back on the primetime specials, because I noticed a sharp decrease in them after that.

But enough of that, on to the commercials!!!!

In this block…

Nobody does it like Hoover…I mean you!


This show starring Al Franken that you may not remember (but I do).


Before Verizon Wireless, there was…


You hear about Pluto?  this planet took over its spot.

That’s messed up!

(That’s for anyone who watches Psych!)


*Laughing* 90s computer!


Buger King, tiny cinnamon rolls, and Minnie Ripperton.  Classic!


That glorious time when phone calls cost money, but 30 FREE MINUTES!!!!!  That’s awesome!


And before the polar vortex was the trendy way to describe extremely cold weather, there was “Cold Spell.” And penguins!!!!!  Because apparently News Channel 4 thinks the we live in the arctic!


Oh, and there are movie previews and an unbelievably moving NBC commercial.  Plus, teasers from that night’s live episode of Saturday Night Live!

But why keep reading, when you could be watching?

Go on, click play!!!!

So next week, we’ll see the Throwback Thursday you didn’t get to see, plus another Flashback Friday in the archives.

But for now, have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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