“No #FlashbackFriday!”

Actually, there is Flashback Friday, thanks to me, my keyboard, and SPRINGS!

This week, we’re saluting the beginning of the new RiffTrax Live year, as well as the re-launch of Mystery Science Theater 3000, by dipping back into the archives of the original incarnation of the new show.  During Throwback Thursday, we watched the PROGRESS! of Puerto Rico as a great place to live, work, travel, and rename Progress Island USA.


Today, we’re going to find out the consequences of a world without springs, when our “hero,” Gilbert (we’re debating the use of “hero” here), informs an animated “spring sprite” named Coily that he doesn’t want a world with springs.


Thanks (again!) to You Tube user Bo Balderson, we’re going to find out what kind of hellish world doesn’t have springs…and the catastrophic little demon who makes our “hero” realize what this world looks like.


From season 10, “expierment” 12 (Sqiurm) of Mystery Science Theater 3000, our hapless hero suddenly realizes he has “A Case of Spring Fever”!

And there you have it, MSTies, non-MSTies, and Spring Haters alike, a world without springs, courtesy of the worlds foremost expert on springs…whether people want to hear about it or not.

And all because this (shudders) existed in his world.


Now bow before your Dark Overlord Coily, and have a great weekend!

In Coily We Trust…Because We’re Terrified!

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