Feel the #ThrowbackThursday!

No pain, no gain!

Ok, pain at the beginning.  But lots of gain!

For some reason beyond me, when I was in high school, I bought this video…


I tried it twice.  Turns out that before 2008, I didn’t have a Hip Hop bone in my body.

1990s workout videos have this very different look when compared to their 1980s counterparts – gone are the headbands and legwarmers, in are shirtless men in baggy shorts and sneakers leading workouts.  The women traded in spandex bodysuits for crop top/short combos.  I remember a time when I was thinner and able to wear said combos.  Then I spent my 20s and 30s trying to cover up the stomach I wasn’t afraid to show off in my teens.  Oh, and my gallbladder surgery three years ago has pretty much ensured that I’ll never show it off again.

In 1998, MTV/Sony Music Video released a series of dance workout videos, obviously filmed during the summer at the famed MTV beach house.  Of course, during the summer of 1998, this was going down in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.  That’s right, 40 minutes from where I lived, one of these workout videos was being filmed.  I could remember watching MTV every morning that summer (yes, there was a time I preferred MTV over VH1, and now I dislike both immensely) when The Daily Burn was getting everyone moving on the sandy beach in front of that beach house.

I actually went to Seaside Heights about a year after that famous summer they stormed the beaches there, and saw the house.  Years later, the shore town became the infamous causualty of Jersey Shore.  The house, unfortunately, was a casualty of Hurricane Sandy.  If I was a true smartass, I’d say they were one in the same, but that storm was horrible.  Jersey Shore, on the other hand, was a mere trainwreck.

Anyway, 1998…

What gets this crowd moving…



What get us moving at home?

Workout videos!

And when you click play, you’ll be transported back to the days of the crop top/biker short combo, shirtless men in baggy shorts working out with us, and be reminded of our inferiority when it comes to keeping up with the experts.

No dad bods here, peeps.  Just rock solid Man Bods.  Click play to find out!

It’s funny, just when I found this video and felt like it was time to try it again, I got a partial tear in my Achilles tendon on the same ankle whose injury ended my dancer life.

Maybe I can modify it for an upper body workout?

Something to think about.

Anyway, we’ve had our physical fun, and Throwback Thursday’s equally fit younger sibling will be along tomorrow with another moment in the archives.

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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