I Believe….I Believe…In the Magic of PBS Remixes!

Who says that remixes and inspired editing are simply the work of us non-professionals sitting behind our computers?

A few years ago (approximately five years, to be exact), PBS Digital Studios introduced a video featuring public broadcasting staple/everyone’s favorite artist, Bob Ross, singing about how “I believe, I believe, that everyday is a good day for painting!” For those of us who grew up with The Joy of Painting knew that Bob and his amazing hair could make us all appreciate “Happy Little Trees” painted on canvas.


There were never any mistakes, just “happy accidents.” There was this feeling of comfort and familiarity, and having known about all those happy little trees and clouds really did make the world a little more colorful.

And, of course, we ate it up.

Bob’s painting of “your world” wasn’t PBS Digital Studios’ first attempt at a remix video – that came courtesy of Mr. Rogers and the “Garden of Your Mind” video, which encouraged us to be a “little curious,” and to let those ideas grow.

He also holds in his hand a – wait for it! – tape recorder!!!


You youngins today don’t know the magic of our childhood.  We had cassette tapes!

And like Bob Ross after this, we ate this one up too.

I knew of these two videos existing, but found out last week that there are, in fact, there were six videos featuring public broadcasting staples – Julia Child, Reading Rainbow, a second Mr. Rogers video I had no clue existed, and even ?Que Pasa, USA? (sorry guys, having trouble with the Spanish question mark!), which I’ve heard of but never watched (the video is funny, though!).

The remixes were created for PBS Digital Studios by musician John Boswell (aka Melodysheep), and the videos are nothing short of amazing and well-done.  The passion behind creating anything like this can only come from an inspired mind.  It is the type of mind I strive to have when I create my written world.  Above all, there is never anything wrong with something that makes you feel good inside.  Again, that is something I strive for in everything I do – if it makes me feel good, then I hope it has the same impact on you. 🙂

If you have the chance today, try to check out at least one of these videos…or all of them!  They’re short, fun, and they’ll make you smile.

In the Garden of your Mind, which you created from your Happy Little Trees and Clouds (it’s your world, your the creator, after all), hope you are having a great Wednesday, but if not, hopefully this made it better! 🙂

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