Today’s Daily Post one-word writing prompt wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.

No, really, that’s the prompt for today!

The action of being prudent means that one “acts with or showing care and thought for the future.” When we’re prudent, we think about how our actions now have consequences for our future.  We’re thinking ahead, understanding any possible risks (but don’t always know that there will be risks), acting cautiously and wisely.

When one is prudent, one is playing it safe, is well-advised, and shrewd.   There are also some other great synonyms for prudent: sagacious, discreet, circumspect, and sober.  I also see sage.  That’s  a word I’ve used when given advice I liked.  I’ve told people “that’s sage advice” when I knew I was told something I’ll benefit from later on.

And what about antonyms?  I love flexing my word power muscles with synonyms for these prompts, but why not opposite words?

Careless, inattentive, rash, careless, wreckless, uneconomical, foolish, indiscreet, stupid, unreasonable, hasty nonsensical, thoughtless, wasteful.

And of course, imprudent.


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