You Know When You’ve Got #FlashbackFriday

Because you’ve got variants on taglines.

You’ve also got it good.

Yesterday on Throwback Thursday, we watched two people enjoy a moment of togetherness, chocolate, and fireworks (not the “…ahem” kind) in a 1986 commercial for Mars candy bar.

Today, we’re going to move from 1986 to 1987 (the tape is from 1987, I think the commercial is from 1986), and from dramatic candy bar eating to…dramatic cereal eating, with a commercial for Grape Nuts.

So we have this guy, and we have…morning.  For this guy.


And he’s shirtless.  Which is so unlike most “morning cereal time!” commercials, where men always have a shirt on.

And he’s enjoying the moment, shirtless and eating Post Grape Nuts…right out of the box. Of course, he realizes he likes it so much, he puts it in a bowl.

But still shirtless.


And apparently, the moment is so great, and the cereal so good, he has to drink it out of the bowl.  Still shirtless.  Nope, no shirt, no spoon.  He’s done with the spoon!

Yeah, you know when you’ve got it good.  All alone, shirtless, eating Grape Nuts.  The Nostalgia Critic made reference to this during the female variant of the ad.

Of course, you can watch Mr. Shirtless and Has It Good when you click play.

Yep, good.

Oh, and this is the female version from 1986:

Apparently, being alone somewhere remote with only a box of Grape Nuts is when “you’ve  got it good.”

If that is the secret for forever happiness…nope.  That’s way too much isolation for my liking.  And this is coming from the person who loves alone time when they write.

Well, there you have it.  It’s Friday, the theme of the day is shirtless cereal eating is a wonderous thing, and Post Grape Nuts = life perfection.  It doesn’t get better than this!

(It probably does. Don’t tell these two people that!)

Have a great Friday, and a great weekend.

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