Another (Assumed) Forgotten Valentine:”A Special Valentine With the Family Circus”

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One tradition of the past that has now become a bit of a rarity is the standalone Valentines Day special.  Sure, we see Charlie Brown’s valentine special every year, but the days of other cartoon characters breaking out the hearts and cupids are becoming a bit of a rarity these days.  And as networks go more for celebrations done within their established programming, these specials are falling by the wayside.

But there was a wonderful time in our past, back during our childhood, when every holiday had an animated special.  Valentine’s Day was no exception, and it wasn’t just Charlie Brown celebrating. But you would think he was the only one, as his special is the only one that finds its way into a primetime timeslot these days.

For the rest of us, there is the archives known as You Tube, where long-forgotten animated specials from the various holidays retire gracefully, to be found and appreciated once more by the people who never truly forgot about them.

People like the Digital Indiana Jones who runs this blog.

The Peanuts gang and Garfield weren’t the only Sunday Funnies to get their own holiday specials – The Family Circus family had three specials of their own – Christmas, Easter (which I covered on my previous blog in 2015), and Valentine’s Day, which was their first special, and the special of choice for this Valentine’s Day in the archives!


Without further ado and rambling, I proudly present (for your viewing pleasure) one of those specials, 1978’s A Special Valentine With The Family Circus!


I’m not really sure why specials like this have fallen by the wayside over the years – the story and its values are timeless, plus Family Circus is still syndicated and part of the Funny Pages.  I’m not sure how many years this special may have aired, but given that the last Family Circus-themed holiday special aired in 1982, I won’t be surprised if this was forgotten by the mid-1980s.  Such a shame, as the story of kids trying to help their baby brother create the perfect Valentine, only to find that the scribbled “mess” of a Valentine he created was perfect all along, holds up pretty well.  Ok, it holds up well by my lofty nostalgic standards.

I may wear the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, but I also know a heartwarming and funny holiday-themed special when I see one.


From this one-woman show to all of you, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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