#ThrowbackThursday…For Energy!

That’s right, nothing like the right day of the week to give you the energy and motivation you need!

Oh wait, it isn’t Friday yet?

Well darn.

I find myself dragging every morning when I get up.  It might be because I get up at 5:30 am, but I’m a restless sleeper.  While I’m good 99% of the time, I have my moments when I become drowsy in the daytime, usually in the afternoon.  The restlessness and early wake up times don’t usually catch up to me until nighttime, which is long after I’m home from work.  And if I find I need a little extra nudge to get through the day, water or hot tea always seem to help (and the occasional snack helps too!).

There was a time when carbohydrates were child’s best friend, and according to Sunbeam bread, only their bread would help kids harness the incredible energy that they need to have.  In today’s set of commercials, which come to us from the 1950s and 1001 Classic Commercials, we’re going to see the incredible use of that good Sunbeam energy!

Included in this set:

Kids dressed as cowboys!


Not Subliminal Messages!


This true statement!


This Not Subliminal Message!


This kid, doing an impersonation of me that time I almost fell asleep while eating chicken tenders.


This letter, clearly not written by the kid seen eating the bread!



Dads who also eat Sunbeam!


So go on, click play and find out how energizing Sunbeam bread can be!

Do you feel more energized now that you’ve had your delicious Sunbeam Bread…the only kind of bread Hopalong Cassidy eats?  Then you’re ready to take on the day!  So go on, tackle that Merry-Go-Round Horse, go to the beach, and steal bread from windows with that lasso you…wait a minute!

You know what?  Just have a good day.

That works.

Oh, and Flashback Friday will be here tomorrow!

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