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In A #FlashbackFriday…

Uh oh, prepare yourself for the SEQUEL!

Not the sequel to Mortal Kombat.  I’ve been told to stick with the original.

Now on Throwback Thursday

1990s cyber films, double guns…holding guns(!), action “stars,” romantic comedies you never heard of, and Jackie Chan!

The 1990s were awesome, and home video was always this amazing mixed bag of trailers you may (or may not) have heard of before.

Apparently, this was also a thing:


Makes the movie feel sooooo…violent?

While I rarely watch my VHS collection, I like to break it out for the sake of finding the all-important nostalgia that consumes this blog, but also fuels my Retroist articles.  On that happy note, I have another front end of the VHS find for today’s weekly wrap-up to the past.

I proudly present more “In a world…”-esque moments, in this installment of Flashback Friday, which comes from my 1995 VHS print of Dumb and Dumber.  It’s one of those movies that I love, but haven’t quite made it to upgrading my copy (read: I don’t own a Blu-Ray copy of it yet).  Unlike yesterday’s trailers, these are movies you actually know, love, and probably have been the movies at least ten times.

In this installment…


A movie I’ve (for some reason) mentioned more than a few times recently, starring this familiar face.  🙂

This self explanatory title card…


…for a cartoon you probably never watched.  Or remember.


Ooooh, this!


My head just exploded a little.  Brains everywhere from excitement.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!  Not because it is cinematic genius, but….MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!

And this…


Some other well-known Jim Carrey movie… 🙂


And another cartoon you also probably never watched…


What, no snippets or anything?!

And that’s it.  This is what you have to look forward to…when you click play!

There you have it, friends.  This is the result of collecting videocassettes as a kid – cheesy trailers that never quite escape your consciousness.

And as I bid you farewell for this week’s installment of Flashback Friday, I gladly take you to what you really were watching these tapes for…


Have a great weekend!!!!


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