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(Lacking A) Filter

Today’s Daily Post Writing Prompt: Filter

Some of the funniest things I’ve heard came of someone lacking a filter.   – I had a boss at one time who was great for saying the first thing on his mind, which was always humorous and not hurtful.  Conversely, some of the most hurtful and nasty things I’ve heard have come of the same accord.  More than ever, people are intent on causing harm to others by simply opening their mouths.  Hate language, judgement, anger – everywhere I’ve looked lately, people are quick to inform people of their shortcomings, argue, and target others.  Granted, the culture of the election cycle, not to mention the “safety net” of social media has only helped to contribute to the filterless attitude.

The problem is, at our angriest, we don’t take into consideration that not everyone should be the target of our angst.  I understand the “heat of the moment” need to say something, but has anyone ever made a statement in that mindset that they haven’t regretted horribly?

The worst part about lacking a filter is that the people that brag the most about their education, religious beliefs, so on and so forth, is that they are the ones who let out the most inflammatory things.

The beauty of a filter is that we avoid a lot of pain and possibly backlash from others.  Using a filter means planning your words carefully and effectively.  Sure, we may have something to say that is passionate, but at least filtering lessens the harsh and sounds more educated.

I’m not better than anyone else – I’ll get upset and run over here to write something that is bothering me.  My words tumble forth out of anger and shock.  However, most would run right to their Facebook account to say what they are thinking/feeling/hating right at that moment.  When I write down what is bothering me, I can’t just hit the “Publish” button.  I put the filter on and think about how I may hurt someone else, or how someone may be ready to argue with me.  I either have to be prepared for that, or choose my words carefully.  Better yet, if I’m not in a confrontational mood, I don’t allow myself to publish what I wrote.  Sometimes, it is easier to stay quiet and “keep the peace.”  I’ve had that filter on alot lately – it is not worth it.

I ran into quite a bit of unfiltered conversation last week for explaining to someone about unfairly grouping people, while claiming that the grouped people are the hateful ones.  This isn’t the exact words, but the gist.  I planned my words carefully, but was backed into a corner.  It was the one time I forgot to filter or abstain, and yeah, I regret having to see what people judge me for.  It is not worth hurt feelings and anxiety for the sake of telling people who aren’t your true friends (or, as I learned, not your friends at all!) to not judge you.

To be honest, I really wanted to do a word association for “filter,” but I felt this was important to say.


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