#FlashbackFriday, The Official Favorite Day Of Everyone

And those people probably like 4C Iced Tea.

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday

A whole lotta commercials, cameos by younger Jeremy Renner and Derek Jeter (our Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday poster children from last week, respectively), and the promises of smooth jazz.


Awww yeah.

Today, we’re going to dip back into the archives of 1998 once again, this time to June 13, 1998.  It was Father’s Day weekend (so there’s some commercials for dad), and we’re going to see what was going on in the advertising end of things during the original airing of Saturday Night Live Remembers Phil Hartman.

Included in this set..

The Official Face of Knowing You’ll Never Have to Wait For Al.



Another way to get cheap long distance in the 1990s.




He can’t act, but he can dance!

And he also serves iced tea to the summer school students!

Amazon in 1998!


And Sugar Free Haribo Gummi Bears.

You’ll need those books after eating the gummi bears.

I like nothing!

Oh, wait…


The roller coaster that is way better than the movie it inspired!


The Gravitron is better than Batman and Robin.



Paul Hogan for Subaru!


This parking spot.  The Kia  and Isuzu are soooo jealous!


The most important decision you have to make every morning.


There’s also movie previews, the local news, political ads, and promos for TV shows you may or may not remember.

And Showtime at the Apollo is also there!  Admit it, you’ve seen the opening credits or at least one performance!

So go on, click “play” and engage yourself in a whole bunch of commercials grouped together, with the sole purpose of entertaining.  Go on, be like the mouse!

Next week, we’ll go back to shorter videos, but this week belonged to the ever-popular full commercial sets.

Have a great weekend, and just remember…


But you do get instant gratification just for watching.  Isn’t that technically a win? 🙂

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