Christmas in the Commercial Archives – Part 1

We’re now three weeks from Christmas, which means it is time to open up the commercial archives for a three-part harmony of commercials of years past.

We’re going to go back into the archives of 30 years ago for this three-part harmony of commercial blocks from the archives.  In part 1, we’ll look at some commercials from NBC’s Monday, December 15, 1986 (date confirmed, based on a promo shown during the commercial set) airing of Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

Included in this set…

So that’s how Chicken McNuggets are made!


7-Up creates snow!


Double your pleasure…double your dissing!


Fabulous 80s Hair by Alberto!

Santa ate my Oreos!


This week’s Survival of the Fittest Competition…Cookware!  Can it stand up to the heat of competition?


Sun worshiping in 1986…


And this commercial that made you cry.  It’s making you cry just thinking about it.


Plus, we’ll see promos from the miniseries A Day in the Life (which premiered the night this set was taped), Babes in Toyland (the Drew Barrymore version), Highway to Heaven, and Christmas in Washington.

And do come back next Thursday (and the Thursday after that!), when we revisit the archives of 30 years ago for two more commercial blocks from the magical year of 1986.

What special’s commercial breaks will we look at next time?  You’ll see!


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