Who Avenges Your Home State?

We all have a state bird, state flower, state slogan, and other state-related stuff.

Now we have…Avengers!

That’s right, according to CBR.com, Marvel has Avengers avenging each state, with all the covers forming an American flag.


‘Murica, peeps!

So, after finding out that my favorite Avenger, Thor, represents Oklahoma, I decided to find out who represents my home state.  I live in New Jersey (specifically, the southern part of the state, so I always say I’m from South Jersey  – there is a distinct difference).  We’re The Garden State, our bird is the Eastern Goldfinch, our flower is the Viola sororia, the tomato is our vegetable (even though it is a fruit), the horse is our animal, and the red oak is our tree.

And our Avenger?


Ms. Marvel.  Whom I found out is based in Jersey City.

Seriously, we couldn’t have the Norse God of Thunder?  Really, Oklahoma?

Which Avenger is protecting you and your state bird, flower, tree, animal, vegetable, and all the stuff you hold dear about your home state?

Coming to a state new you (including The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United Kingdom) on January 4, 2017, you friendly local Avenger!



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