A Country Divided

…and the level-headed among us are trying to pick up the pieces.

Unless you live in a hole, you obviously know what just happened in America.  We went to the polls, we made our voices heard, and some people are either very happy…or the total opposite.  I woke up the day after the election to the angry chants of the majority of my friends crying outrage about how “could THIS have happened.”  Some people are resolving that we need to unite…and there are the ones who are still huddled, crying, and furiously typing messages of dissent.  Friendships and relationships are breaking up and people are fighting.  For a whole group of people who think we are a country divided, these actions are the actual demonstration of that belief.

I’m calling for unity of all divided groups.

I’m not going to tell you that Trump isn’t what  I expected going into the election cycle (believe me, I was surprised he was running…and successfully), but when he started gaining some serious ground (remember the first time he tried to run, and how that turned out?), I started to notice.  This man, a business person with no political background, wants to run this country.  I’ll admit, the idea of a man with no experience scared me just a little bit.  But I cast my worries and doubts aside when I listened to what he had to say.  Sure, he is an extremely loose cannon with an even looser use of words, but people were noticing (and not just for negative reasons) what he wants to accomplish, looking beyond obvious flaws (something everyone has, though most will deny it).

This is a man who doesn’t need the fame or prestige.  This is a man who has made his money, who has taught his children work ethic, and a man with accomplishments (yes, I know, there are alot of debatable things in there, but hear me out).  He doesn’t need this.  He wasn’t running because “hey, I’m bored and I need something to do,” he ran because he wants to make a difference.  He wants to bring the change that this country needs.

He’s not in the business of dividing us, of taking away our freedoms, and of making your life a living hell because you don’t agree with him. He didn’t come in with those intentions, and the Donald Trump I’ve heard/seen since the election is a much calmer head than the “in your face” arguer we saw prior to Tuesday.

Remember how much ground Bernie Sanders was getting with younger people?  Trump was gaining that same ground with people who didn’t want “more of the same.”  Someone who wanted to change the face of politics forever.  I’m still wondering if even he, deep down, thought he had a chance.  As I was watching the returns, I was in disbelief that he had gained ground.

One of the biggest arguments people had in the whole voting process was “I can’t vote for Trump, so I’ll vote for Clinton,” “She’s a woman.  We need to make history!” and “Do you really want someone that is misogynistic and hatemongering as your leader?”.

Really people, if you want unity, you’re doing it wrong. Oh so very wrong.

Yes, you’re not happy about the end result, well neither are alot of people.  But that’s how every election is.  There is always going to be discontent about who actually gets elected, but is it worth rioting over?  Is it worth property destruction, arrest, and a criminal record for the sake of what you believe in?  Remember the riots in Baltimore?  People were stealing toilet paper and tampons in the name of vengeance.

The path to unity as a country is raising voices and being heard.  You don’t like who will be leading, but he hasn’t begun to lead yet.  Give him a chance.  Give him the opportunity to speak to us as a nation

I’m not in the business of making suggestions, but please, as someone who is cynical but is trying to understand people and how they think and feel, just wait.  Make your voice heard.  Tell President Elect Trump what you want.  He isn’t doing this because he needs to, he is doing this because he wants to make a difference.

But before you unfriend/unfollow me (and you may), consider this…am I really such a bad person?  Have I ever done anything to you, yes YOU, to make you doubt me as an individual?  I’m much more than political affiliation.  I’m a person, like you – I bleed, I laugh (alot), I cry (alot), I’m smart, funny, and I’d like to think I’m a generally good person.  Does this sound egotistical, sexist, or racist (someone went there with me)? No, this is me being a human.  This is me pointing out the best and worst of me.  No one is perfect.  Not even our President Elect, or now that I think about it, other President Elects we’ve had.  Flaws are what make us human and functional.  We’ve learned to look past that with others, maybe it is time to look past perceived perfection and what one hates about others, and find the redeeming qualities of others.

That’s how America can be great.  It never wasn’t.  But by defacing, looting, rioting, and showing the ugly side of how “problems” are dealt with, that is not making America great.  It’s making us look like ignorant fools.  We don’t want to look like that, do we?

Conviction and passion are wonderful traits to have, but it can be counterproductive when not applied properly.  Instead of using these traits for negative or incorrect purposes, put that energy into positives.  Speak up and speak your mind.  But don’t go after others for doing the same.  Again, ignorant.  Also, free speech – yours, mine, everyone’s right.

One of my closest friends (I do have them, thank goodness!) and I agree on one thing – we have too much to talk about (and tons in common) that we’re too busy to discuss politics.

We should all be able to have this.

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