Remember Me, #ThrowbackThursday!

And then…avenge my death from bad customer service!

Have you ever felt downtrodden about life?  Has the car rental place ever not had the specific car your requested, even though you had a reservation?  Has the car dealership’s service department ever told you one date that you could pick up your car…and then change it to the next day?  Have you ever encountered rude customer service associates while buying shirts, banking, and grocery shopping?  Hotel cancel your breakfast order? Luggage come back manhandled on the baggage claim?

Then congratulations, you’re…The Customer.

Screenshot (558).png
Note: Not an actual representation of you.  He’s just some actor.

And this is his story.

Oh trust me, after you see this, you will.


And like you, he just wants good service wherever he goes, because, as he claims “The Customer is always right,” and the competition would love to provide services and goods that he needs and wants.


“Remember Me,” is a short that was lampooned upon by the guys from RiffTrax – Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy.


These guys!

The short is about a guy named “The Customer” (very original, I know), and his quest for service that meets his overly-lofty expectations.  In his eyes, everything less than great is subpar, and as you watch the short, you’ll pretty much figure out that anyone providing a service is an asshole.  Good service?  That’s a concept!  This special is happy to remind you that everyone is out to ruin your day, in the hopes that you’ll finally not be able to handle life anymore and cause the biggest display of not adulting EVER…


The second biggest display of Not Adulting?  Have you read some of my articles?

Anyway…would you like to see a guy become so beat up by society that he can’t handle it anymore?  Do you like dark turns?  Will you settle for…not-so-dark turns?

Then head on over to RiffTrax and check out a preview of this great short on customer service and how to cater to The Customer.  Please support their great work by purchasing this short!

Our poor “The Customer,” he just can’t win.


How he sums up life.

And there you have it for today.  I figured everyone could use a good laugh as we bide our time till the end of the work week.

I also thought seeing a guy have a worse day than you would brighten your spirits a little.

Admit it, you laughed.

How about another RiffTrax short tomorrow?  Because that’s what we’re gonna do!

Don’t lose faith, The Customer.


#ThrowbackThursday Wants to Teach You Measuring…Man!

#FlashbackFriday is Terrified of Talking Cars

EDIT 11/30/16: I’ve removed all RiffTrax videos per request of RiffTrax.  I’m a huge supporter of their work, and I did not upload the video in an attempt to show any disrespect to them.  To that end, I’ve taken down my videos to encourage you to be a customer for life on their site.  So go ahead, be The Customer – they treat you with respect!

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