I #Voted

I voted.

Not because I like to start trouble.

Not because I’m against what you think.

Not because I’m looking to break barriers, make history, or raise hell.

I voted because I want change (even though I hate it).  But I want change that brings about positive things for me, and millions like me.

I voted because it is my right, my duty, and my privilege.

I voted because I like having my health insurance, but I hate that I now have to pay more for it this coming year.  And while my cost is minimal compared to others, it isn’t fair that there are others who have to pay more, possibly an amount they can’t afford.

I voted because I don’t like being negatively grouped by a politician that doesn’t care about me.  I wanted to show them I’m not what they think I am.  That I am more than the stereotype you place on me.

I voted because I hate bullies.  I dealt with them in my youth, and as an adult, I don’t feel like being bullied anymore.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who I voted for.  It is of no concern to you.  It only matters to me and the voting booth in which I cast my vote.

I’m not a loud and proud extremist of my political affiliation, shouting from the rooftops of social media how great my politician is, spouting profanities against those who refuse to agree with me, and making threats because I will not agree with someone else.

I am a silent member of the population, listening to information and becoming educated, making an educated decision, and choosing a President based on an equal balance of emotion and logic.

I’m a freakin’ rebel.  Aren’t we all?

So, back to my original statement, if none of these other reasons count:

I voted because…well, I voted because I can.

No other reason needed.




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