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#FlashbackFriday Uses Their CD-RW for Legal Stuff…Honest!

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday…video messages promising romantic birthday memories, all made with Intel products!


…and paranoid girlfriends with scissors!



I love technology – it makes my life efficient, it requires less paper, and allows me to do what I love…writing these articles for the interested five people who look!

Seriously, the five of you are awesome…and so are the other five that find the article six months later!

As I was saying…technology.  It’s awesome.  And it has only made our lives easier and more efficient.  It also isolates us like never before, but that’s a complaint for another time.

In the late 1990s, technology was paving the way for all of the wonderful things we have now, and I find it hard to believe that the beginnings of some of our commonly-used technologies were much more scarce and expensive only 20 years ago.  Case in point, the re-writable drive.  I remember the days when we didn’t have CD-Rom drives on our computers, and today, most laptops don’t (but we can buy them separately, and for a reasonable price!).  But we’ve moved beyond mere drives that can write and re-write CD media, and are now up to DVDs and Blu-Ray drives.

I found today’s commercial while looking for yesterday’s commercial, so it is also from 1998.

Picture it if you will.  You have a baseball coach, and he has a player who is having a little trouble connecting with the ball.  And because he is a coach (and technology savvy), he decides to help this player reach his full potential.

He’s going make a CD of information and visuals for this player to help him out.


“We’re not unlawfully copying copyrighted material!  Honest!”

He’ll give it to his potential star player…


He’ll learn a few things…


“I’m not learning from unlawfully copied copyright material!”

And what do you know?  It all sinks in!



And this is the device that somehow makes this all possible…


OMG, that is the bulkiest…do you see this?  That’s high tech there, folks!

I’m sorry, just click play. Be amazed.

And there you have it, technology that advanced quickly, but started out looking like this.  Bulky.  Expensive.  Copier of copyrighted material.  Unlawful copier of copyrighted material.

Nice to know some things never change!

Have a great Friday, and a great weekend!


“I’m still not unlawfully copying copyrighted material!”



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