#ThrowbackThursday Is Still Blown Away By the Power of Intel!

I’ve been talking about the glory of late 1990s technology as of lately,  given the commercial blocks from the late 1990s that I’ve been posting.

Until recently, I overlooked this advertising because it felt too new to me (you know, as new as 18-year-old advertisements about technology can be), but was so reminded of things that were a big deal when I was a teenager (clunky cell phones?  DVD players?  Flat Screen TVs that really aren’t all that flat?), and realize that kids today make fun of this stuff.  But for us, it was pretty high tech, and yes, I had some of it.

All the more reason to embrace more than just the 1980s and early 1990s, folks.

I’ve had a few laughs going back through my late 1990s tapes and seeing ads for the Intel Pentium II Processor, which was released in May 1997 and discontinued in 1999.  Admittedly, I did have a computer with the Pentium II Processor, which I’ll assume was fast for the time, but it really has come a long way. And for the times we live in, a little speed goes a long way.  Have we become to dependent on things working faster for us?  Yes, we have.  Do I want to deal with the wonders of a 56K modem ever again?  Nope.

Today’s commercial comes from early 1998, and advertises Intel products that let you take a picture with a super cool webcam…

Record a message…


And send an email containing this message with a click!


So while you’re fuming and cutting his face out of pictures for forgetting your birthday…

He was totally thinking of you the whole time!!



And of course, this commercial would be totally remiss if it didn’t feature…


So maybe you’d like to see what happens when we get way ahead of ourselves with our paranoia (I know I sometimes do!), and resort to drastic measures (no, I’ve never done anything like this before!), then by all means, click play!

I hope the relationship lasts, don’t you?

“Honey, why is my face cut out of the photos?”

Come back tomorrow for Flashback Friday, and another piece of mind-blowing technology from the late 1990s!

Have a great day!

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