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Over on Retroist…Allison in ANOTHER Halloween Podcast!

Vic Sage of Retroist was nice enough to invite me back for this year’s Saturday Night Frights Podcast Halloween Special III (Episode 062).

And naturally, I said yes.


I’m the (only) female voice talking about Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.  I’m around 22 minutes in if you just want to hear my segment, but I’d seriously recommend listening to the whole thing – this was alot of fun and a great way to wrap up Halloween.


Leading up to this, I’ve been sick for the better part of a week and a half since I had my sinus procedure.  I finished writing my piece on Friday morning with the intention of recording it on Saturday night, but yeah, didn’t happen.  I wound up getting sick on Saturday night again.  The fates were obviously on my side, because I was finally able to do my recording on Sunday, only to lose my voice on Monday (it seems to be in and out).

Be sure to check it out!

Saturday Night Frights Podcast Halloween Special III (Episode 062).




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