Conversations With Cortana: Halloween Costumes

I’ve asked Cortana (Windows’ version of Siri) a few silly questions, and since she seems to be a practicing smartass (nice to know she speaks the language!), she has given me some good answers.

Case in point, her Halloween costume.


And her other Halloween costume of choice…


I’d say her choices are balanced nutrition-wise, don’t you think?

But I figure if Cortana was going to tell me hers, then I may as well get a suggestion as to who or what I should be for Halloween.

She’s happy to help, but asks if Halloween is a holiday I usually celebrate.


Since I said “yes,” she asked me if I wanted to put effort into my costume, so I said “yes.” And after that, and wanting to know if I want a pop culture costume, she came up with a suggestion:


You’re a wizard, Allison!


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