#FlashbackFriday is Terrified of Talking Cars

Previously, on Throwback Thursday

The Milk Man masquerades as a superhero to teach measurements.

And that’s Not a Penis on his utility belt.


This week, Throwback/Flashback took a break from the usual to bring you something different, and, well, celebratory.  Being that this year is the 10th anniversary of RiffTrax, and there was a live show on Thursday night (Carnival of Souls, for the interested), I decided to salute the rather interesting assortment of educational shorts that RiffTrax has dished up for our viewing terror.


Yesterday, Coronet spoke slowly and condescendingly in order to teach us the standard unit of measurement when they unleashed Measuring Man on us (as seen during the October 2015 Live Show for Miami Connection).  Today, another short aims to do the exact same thing, except talking cars with cheap animated eyes and mouths are teaching us to “see and be seen” with traffic safety in mind.


Yep, just as the title implies, kids.

This short involves a bucktooth little boy who seizes the moment when it comes to his friends…until he is almost hit by a car.

He’s fine, but his dad overacts his way through showing his son how upset he is.

We should feel terrible and all, but we’re laughing way too hard at this day shaking his kid and constantly saying “see and be seen.”  Little boy is sad and remorseful of his actions, but yes, he does need reminders about “see and be seen.”


So, at night, when he goes to sleep, the family car (along with two companions) teach the young boy about “see and be seen.”

It’s a drug-induced journey into learning about safety in traffic, dogs with crazy ears, and that Not a School Bus you aren’t sure you can trust.

The routine is the same as always – visiting RiffTrax to see a preview of this short will not bring harm, you may learn something, and well, the view is always entertaining.  So go on and click play, the Talking Car is ready to teach you the importance of “see and be seen.”

And there you have it, a change of pace for a great Throwback/Flashback end to the week.  If you like what you’ve seen, this is merely a sample of the funny business Mike and the Former ‘Bots have over at RiffTrax.  I highly recommend their work and proudly support their efforts to make the live shows and the videos they sell happen.

For more on what you’ve seen here this week:

Throwback Thursday – Measuring Man: 


Measuring Man (Live Version) – Seen on RiffTrax Live Miami Connection

Measuring Man  – Studio Version

Flashback Friday – The Talking Car:


Seen on RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion

Thanks for visiting, thanks for watching, and always remember…see and be seen.  Your overdramatic father acted that way for a reason, and it had nothing to do with Not a School Bus Volkswagen vans.


“Candy…I mean, school bus!”

EDIT 11/30/16: I’ve removed all RiffTrax videos per request of RiffTrax.  I’m a huge supporter of their work, and I did not upload the video in an attempt to show any disrespect to them.  To that end, I’ve taken down my videos to encourage you to be a customer for life on their site.  So go ahead, see and be seen – they treat you with respect!


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