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#ThrowbackThursday (And #FlashbackFriday) Goes to the Dogs!

First of all, I really want to thank those who obviously were enjoying the full commercial blocks I’ve posted the last few weeks. I’m definitely going to post more of them at varying times as a overall boost to this weekly feature.

That said…

When I was thinking of what I wanted to do for a Throwback/Flashback theme week, my inspiration for this week came out of my love for this little cutie:


Last week, my boyfriend was in Michigan (where he lived until four months ago) for a work trip (and to see his dad, friends, and co-workers), and I dog and house-sat for his Chihuahua, Daisy.  The first day after he left was a little rough, but two days later, she was waiting at the window for me and sleeping on my lap (and next to me in bed).  I’d like to think we bonded and she got used to me, but I also gave her tortilla chips, so bribery may have been part of why we got along so well.


Hey, it worked.  She practically throws herself at me now.  I’d like to think she’s always loved me, but the five days I spent with her proved that.

This week is another combined Throwback/Flashback (due to this writer having minor surgery on Thursday, and intermittent internet connectivity problems for the last few days) features commercials that run the gauntlet of the archives, from the 1950s to the 1990s, from dog food to cleaning up after dogs, to television shows featuring dogs.

Included this week:

Leaning dogs!


Rin Tin Tin and heroes…of the future!


TV shows about dogs…within TV shows!


About dogs!

Giants dogs, the houses they rest their paws on…and the cleaning supplies that get rid of the messes they leave!


Lucky dogs!


So go on and click play, four-legged friends are awaiting you!

And there you have it, Throwback/Flashback as Man’s Best Friend!

Come back next week, when we will have two separate themed days…and no surgeries and internet connection issues.

Who’s a good dog?



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