#FlashbackFriday Feeds Their Alligator Pringles!

I know, right?  Such a revelation!

Previously, on Throwback Thursday…we found Iron Head’s lather thingy!


And Columbus Day sales, giant cell phones, and flat screen televisions that aren’t really all that flat.  That year was 1998, and today, we’re going to move into 2001 with our next commercial block.

Like last week, when we looked at the year 2000, I wasn’t entirely convinced going in that the 2000s are very flashback/throwback worthy, but apparently they are.  Technology was different, ads for stores that don’t exist anymore are prevalent, and well, cell phones were still brick-like. And long distance cost money!

Today’s block of commercials comes to us from March 10, 2001 (date verified), from another – you guessed it – Saturday Night Live taping.  This time, the commercials are from WCAU NBC-10, which is Philadelphia’s NBC station.  If you’ve read my stuff, you may have noticed me mention that NBC was KYW-3 – that was the case until 1995.  I’m also not sure why I may have taped this episode from the Philly station, as I primarily watched New York stations back then, especially WNBC.

Included in this collection:

The Great “Turkey versus Ham” Debate of 2001


This widescreen television…that’s also flat!


Tanning salons become SportsCenter-worthy!


Buying a chair from Staples, which requires you to imitate your boss.


Television movies of the week!


Alligators who like Pringles!


Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head…as I stare at my Hyundai Sonata!

Unintentionally overfed dogss named Otto…


And David DeLuise types who overfeed Otto!


(No seriously, it’s David DeLuise!)

Good shows…that last longer than the show they lead in!


CD-ROMs of starry nights!


So go on, click play.  Engage in early 2000s commercial glory!

And there you have it, a broken promise to return to the usual format.  I couldn’t help it though, viewership has been up.  I do promise this, however: I will occasionally throw in a week with commercial blocks!

Have a great weekend!

Oh, and for the curious as to who hosted the following week:


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