#ThrowbackThursday Takes Advantage of Five Cent Sundays!

Because long distance charges are worth being thrifty over.

For the past two weeks, on Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, we did one of our HUGE commercial blocks, and the response the last two weeks was big.  In fact, I decided to try one more week of a large scale look into the archives.

Today’s installment of commercials were taped from WNBC 4 (New York City) on November 1, 1997, during that night’s airing of Saturday Night Live Halloween Special.  Contained herein, we’ll see:

This awesome cell phone:

Screenshot (382).png

The fastest Intel Pentium processor of them all!


Cars from 1998!


A time when long distance wasn’t free.


Jim McGreevey’s failed gubernatorial attempt…


This DVD player!


A Governor Chris Christie look-a-like (in a 99 cent tie)!


Oh yeah, like you really watched this after Saturday Night Live!

Admit it – you stayed for the theme song and nothing more!


A celebrity cameo from George and Judy Jetson…


And James Brolin for AAMCO.


So go on, click play and enjoy 26 minutes of 1997 glory!

And there you have it, mid-1990s commercial glory!  Thanks for visiting, and be sure to come back tomorrow for another extended trip into the archives.

Have a great day!



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