#FlashbackFriday Comes Home to NBC Again!

Previously, on Throwback Thursday

Old people…and afternoon line-ups for people who hate cartoons!

Ahhhh, must be part two of the theme!

In yesterday’s Throwback Thursday, we traveled back in time to the NBC of September 1986, and all the fun stuff that would be airing on the network.

Today, we’re going to do more of the same – same month, same network!

On this installment, Smurfs go on a quest…

Tony Danza, Danny DeVito, and an ape…in the movie Going Ape!

The book opens on yet another season of the woefully underrated Amazing Stories!


And Wilford Brimley…in another Our House commercial!


Another underrated show – I found reruns on a Christian family network several years ago, and it really was a nice show.  This is probably how most people my age got to know who Wilford Brimley was…besides being “The Quaker Oats Guy.”

Even Dumbo is here!


So go on and click play, the previews are fine!

And that wraps up the week of a new “season” of my Throwback/Flashback series!  I’ll be combining both days into one post next week, due to this writer’s much needed vacation.

Until then, hope you enjoyed coming home to NBC in 1986!



      1. Thank you.

        Here in Pittsburgh, WPXI paired the current NBC peacock with its old logo back in September of ’86. I believe they did a local version of the “Come Home to NBC” campaign as well.

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