Come Home To #ThrowbackThursday!

Welcome to the official start of “season two” of Throwback Thursday.  This “season,” we will kick off with new credits (sans theme music – I’d like to retool that a little), and jump right into the fun.  We’ll still have theme weeks, but there will also be standalone “episodes.”

Thirty years ago, and continuing until 1995, the Philadelphia, PA market’s NBC station was KYW-3.  In 1995, this would become a CBS owned-and-operated, with NBC moving to WCAU, which was a CBS affiliate until that time.

The ABC station, WPVI, has never moved.  They didn’t have to.

The 1986-1987 season kicked off with a new slogan, “Come Home to NBC,” and if you were watching the network at the time, you obviously know there was plenty worth coming home to in 1986.  Flash forward thirty years, and much of that glory is gone, but in 1986, it was a great time to watch the peacock network.

Today’s Throwback Thursday goes back to September 1986, and some promos for shows and specials you wanted to watch!

We have old people who make us laugh…and shed a tear…

Because we just loved Wilford Brimley as a cantankerous grandfather!

Betty White as a Hollywood Square (starting today…30 years ago!)…


And shows for people who loved weekday afternoon television but hated cartoons!


Plus, a few little surprises thrown in on the local front!

So, whenever you’re ready, click play and “come home” to NBC!

And there you have it, the home for entertainment in the 1980s.  I really loved this network during that time (who didn’t?).  We can’t live in the past, but we can enjoy visiting there once in a while!

Flashback Friday comes back tomorrow with more promos from – you guessed it – 1986!


All hail the peacock.  Peacock is life!



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