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Here and Now

This week’s Discover Challenge: Here and Now

At this exact moment, I feel centered. I’m eating lunch – my Lean Cuisine macaroni and cheese is to my left (since I’m a lefty, and it is easier to have it sitting to the left – don’t ask!), my oranges are to the right, inside a Ziploc bag, and my Goldfish cracker bag is next to that.  There’s a full bottle of water too.  My laptop is front and center.  I’m eating a bite of macaroni and cheese, and then typing a sentence.

Last week was crazy busy – I enter registration forms for my agency’s evening class program every three months.  We have classes that willing participants can pay for, and they make crafts, cook, do ceramics, try Zumba or Line Dancing.  We also have Game Nights, dances at a fancy banquet hall (think the prom or a school dance, but with a wider age range), and during the summer, a bowling league.  People also register for their Special Olympics Sport of choice – right now, they’re registering for Bowling or Basketball.  Soccer and Golf are happening at this very moment.

I said Special Olympics, so now you know what kind of agency I work for.  For the past six years, I’ve been working for an agency that provides support services and advocacy, as well as cool programs like recreation, weekend respite, and a day program for adults.  You may have heard of us, because we’re national.  The Arc.  We’re in all fifty states (and Washington DC).  Each county (at least, in my state) has their own chapter.  We have group homes, supportive living services, employment, and case management, in addition to the other programs I mentioned.  Recreation is a small part of the much bigger whole, but it is my job to keep track of signups for the classes we offer.  I love doing this, but it can be tedious, and when you combine tedious with a pile of registration forms (including a stack that don’t have payments, so they can’t be entered).  I finally made headway and caught up on them yesterday – there was something like 50 registrations received between Friday and Monday.

My mind was on them yesterday (as it was Friday).  But today, I’m relaxed.  In this exact moment, I’m calm and caught up.  I finished my macaroni and cheese and orange (while writing all this, mind you).  The Goldfish are calling to me – chocolate mint and pretzel.

When I am writing (as I do during my lunch break pretty much every day), I feel a sense of centeredness, much like my laptop is in the center of my desk.  Writing is the center of my world at this exact moment, aside from the crackers.  I can feel free to ramble, to think, to not listen or care about the world.  In the moment, I am free to say what I want, when I want, and erase it if I don’t want others to see it.  That’s the beauty of writing, you can change your mind before you publish something – it’s like taking back what you said, except no one has to know you said anything at all.

And forty minutes later – the now “here and now,” both my lunch and this piece are finished.

Here and now, still relaxed and centered.


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