Today’s prompt: Zing!¬†(Exclamation point included).

Again with the sound effects! ūüôā

So I decided to look up this word and see if there was any kind of actual definition, and sure enough, there is!

Zing is both a noun and a verb – as a noun, it means energy, enthusiasm, and liveliness; as a verb, it means to “move swiftly.”

Well, put this on the list of “things I learned today.” ¬†Although not the most important thing I learned today, I still learned it!

I particularly love the example for the verb usage, “he could send an arrow zinging through the air.”

So someone wrote that example with Hawkeye in mind, right?


I know, I know. ¬†A freakin’¬†Avengers reference. ¬†How typical of me, right?

Of course, I always thought of zing as short for “zinger,” as in a well-timed joke.

In actuality, I’m right! ¬†It means “striking or amusing remark,” or “an outstanding person or thing.”

And because full circle is how we like to be, the example is “a zinger of a shot,” so…like Hawkeye.

It’s Monday, let me have my fun.



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