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Today’s one word prompt is more like a sound effect prompt: Plop

I see how it is, we’re writing about sound effects now.

When I think of “plop” as a sound effect, I think of the noise something makes when it drops into water without making a splash. You know, like stones and other small objects being dropped into water. ¬†There’s nothing more than a little jump in the water, and it almost has the sound of the water sucking in the¬†object that drops into the water.



Writer, former dancer, geek, nostalgia geek, Secretary by day, daughter, sister/in-law, girlfriend, aunt. Yankees and Giants fan, honorary Avenger (I have a pin, so it is official :-) ), MSTie, and Stargate, Thor, and Hello Kitty collector. And if you want to know anything about me:

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