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Lifetime Comes Full Circle

I don’t write a ton of Facebook statuses, and usually they are just to share blog posts and such, but I figured, why not?

Screenshot (298)

Ok, so maybe you have seen these movies (yes, there are multiple).  Eric Roberts plays a middle-aged cardiologist who saves the life of some underage girl (read: she’s a teenager) who makes a complete recovery.  Oh, and did I mention she is ALWAYS the daughter of a single mom?  Because she is!  And the girl always have a boyfriend, because apparently, when we’re teenagers, we’re all lucky enough to have boyfriends.

Doctor Creeper decides Single Mom needs a beau, all so he can follow his Master Plan to get to the daughter.  This dude has problems, and that’s clear to everyone else on the outside, but he doesn’t give a tenth.  He has fantasies about the girl and what he will do with her, once she is his own.  Mom is a dead woman (but always survives), boyfriend must be eliminated through nefarious, non-fatal means, and the fantasies he has…ugh, don’t even get me started on those!


He worms his way into marrying Single Mom, but by then, Teenager Daughter/Obsession is on to him, and she and the boyfriend Doctor Creeper chased off come to the rescue.  Doctor Creeper’s plot is foiled, he gets arrested, and he winds up saving a life AGAIN.  And this is truly the pits – he winks at the camera at the end of the second film.

So I guess there is a sequel coming?

Ugh, Lifetime, you can do better.  You have done better!  You used to be Hallmark!

But hey, if you’re a network capable of making a serious movie where Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig play husband and wife who are caught in a crazy adoption, and you’re waiting for the movie to be interrupted by a screen that says “SUCKER!”, then yeah…

You’re as cynical as I am.





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