#FlashbackFriday Celebrates with Snack Food!

And why not?

Previously on Throwback Thursday

Screenshot (277)

Snack food and racism!

Flashback Friday is not only happy that this is the Friday before a holiday weekend, but the video editor crash this morning isn’t delaying anything.

Upsides, people.

Anyway, as it is Friday and we continue on the theme established in yesterday’s post, we’re going to move into the 1980s, ground we haven’t covered in a few weeks.  Let’s blame 1001 Classic Commercials for that problem.

Today’s entry also includes a bonus…crackers!

Today we’re celebrating Ritz…


Jiffy Pop pops in the microwave…


Women eat chips with passion…purple passion!


And there are crackers only for snackers!


Don’t miss out on any of the excitement of snacking!  Click play below!

And there you have it, your tasty treat to wrap up the week!  We tried popcorn and potato chips, and threw in some crackers as a bonus! We saw stereotypes, we heard some catchy tunes (The Popcorn Song, anyone?), and we celebrated Ritz crackers.  I’d say it was a producrive Throwback/Flashback!

Throwback/Flashback will return next week!

As always, thanks for visiting, and have a safe Labor Day weekend!

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