#FlashbackFriday Writes For Guidebooks!

Previously, on Throwback Thursday


You terrible people!

So as you gathered from yesterday, this week’s theme is Public Service Announcements.  Yesterday, we focused on the environment and made Iron Eyes Cody cry because we’re such terrible terrible litterbugs.  Today, we’re going to move from environmental awareness to consumer resource awareness.  And we’re going to do this by going back into the archives of 1001 Classic Commercials, where two commercials are waiting to peddle their wares to you.

First up, Jim Jordan (aka Fibber McGee) tells you about A.A.R.P….

And King Kong terrorizes people in the name of consumers needing information on local resources and programs.  Whether or not he symbolizes something, I have no idea.

Hit play below, and find out for yourself what the heck these ads are trying to convey!

Be sure to write to these…ridiculously short addresses for your free goodies!


Remember when everything wanted you to send mail to Pueblo, Colorado, Battle Creek, Michigan, and Kansas City, Missouri?  I do!  And the addresses in some of these ads I’ve found…they’re short.  Yep, just send to “GUIDE.”  No street name or PO Box needed!!!!!  And I remember when A.A.R.P. was for people 55 and over (it was in my lifetime), but sometime in my adulthood, it became 50 and over, and my dad got a card right when he turned 50.

True story – he asked at a hotel if they took A.A.R.P., and my family scattered.  He was too proud of that card.  Still is.  My mom on the other hand…she didn’t want anyone to know she was 50.

And there you have it, Public Service Announcements for your own good.  It’s a much better way to wrap up your week than crying Native Americans who make you feel like a despicable human being, and Smokey the Bear trying to sex things up a little.

Ugh, it’s all too much!

Happy Friday, friends!



Try not to terrorize the town too much this weekend!

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